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Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku Topics

The topics page highlights the latest Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies.
Introducing DISCO's accumulated advanced application technologies in response to customers' needs.
Blade Dicing
Laser Dicing
Introducing various processing technologies to further improve quality and productivity with the current blade dicing, such as thin silicon dicing and measures to prevent contamination of the processing surface.
Laser dicing is a technology that DISCO has focused on in recent years as a pillar of Kiru technology, alongside blade dicing. Introducing processing technologies that utilize the special characteristics of lasers, such as improved processing speed and cutting of compound material.
Stress Relief
Introducing various grinding wheels and handling mechanisms to support the increase in demand for less than 100 µm thin grinding, and newly developed wafer grinding technologies.
Introducing various stress relief techniques with potential to compensate for die strength decline and increase in warpage amount, which are major issues associated with wafer thinning.
DBG/SDBG is a process that first half-cuts or stealth-dices the wafer and then separates the die during backside grinding. This is a reverse of the standard process where backside grinding is carried out before wafer cutting. It is capable of significantly lowering the risk of wafer breakage during grinding and handling, and of lowering chipping during die separation.
Introducing processing methods other than existing processes. DISCO continues to focus on the cutting edge of Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies.

Applications Example

It contains examples for using DISCO's precision processing equipment and tools from general to specialized applications.

DISCO Technical Review

This webpage contains technical reviews and articles on Kiru, Kezuru, and Migaku technologies.
DISCO Technical Review

Solutions Support

As the leader in Kiru Kezuru Migaku technologies, DISCO pursues excellence in solutions support with decades of experience, a full range of processing equipment, and several thousand different grinding wheels, polishing wheels, and blades.
Applications Support
DISCO's applications R&D service, which is free to customers, helps find the best process recipe or method to use in production. Over seventy applications engineers stationed in Japan, the United States, Singapore, and China offer customers scientific expertise, practical know-how, and dedicated service at an industry-leading scope and level.
Dicing and Grinding Service
The chargeable processing service, which DISCO is providing, is in response to the demand for small-lot production, but where purchasing precision equipment is not practical.
This service is effective for manufacturing samples when developing a new product or prototype, providing process technology or supporting small-lot production. DISCO's full-time engineers process customers' products under optimal conditions, and deliver the service at a reasonable cost and by the requested date.


Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku Topics
Applications Example
DISCO Technical Review
Solutions Support

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