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DISCO Technical Review

This webpage contains technical reviews and articles on Kiru, Kezuru, and Migaku technologies.
2016/6/10 Definition of Class 1 required for laser equipment and its importance (700KB) TR16-10
2016/6/10 The effects of edge trimming (101KB) TR16-09
2016/6/10 Usefulness of the ultra-compact deionized water recycling unit for dicing saws (101KB) TR16-07
2016/6/10 Wafer ultra-thinning process for 3D stacked devices and the influences on the device characteristics (403KB) TR16-06
2016/6/10 Dicing technologies for SiC (365KB) TR16-05
2016/6/10 Stealth laser dicing engine lineup (490KB) TR16-04
2016/6/10 Silicon wafer thinning, the singulation process, and die strength (446KB) TR16-03
2016/6/10 Wafer ESD in dicing saws and the effect of the countermeasures (158KB) TR16-02
2016/6/10 Thermal effect of stealth laser dicing (638KB) TR16-01

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DISCO Technical Review
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