Employee Satisfaction Oriented (ESO) Activities

Development and Release of Employee Satisfaction Standards

DISCO's management focuses on the satisfaction in work*1, ease of work*2 and well-being of each of its employees so that they can continue to perform at their best.
DISCO has developed the ESO (Employee Satisfaction Oriented) standards, which focus on the satisfaction in work, ease of work and well-being of employees. These standards conceptualize the various actions that have been taken up to now in DISCO in order to expand employee satisfaction oriented management on a wider scope to all of society.

*1 Satisfaction in work: Pride and value in work
*2 Ease of work: The ability to continue to work with peace-of-mind

Title of standards: JSA-S1001 Human Resource Management –Employee Satisfaction- Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations
Issued by: Japanese Standards Association
Date of issue: Date of issue: March 25, 2019

Fundamental Components of ESO

The standards are comprised of 6 core components that should be considered for "Each employee to continue to perform at a high level," based on the measures taken in DISCO.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

DISCO carries out an Employee Satisfaction Survey every year in order to provide even better work environments for its employees. The survey investigates points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees including those working at local affiliates overseas. The survey results are utilized in enlivening the workplace and in managing personnel development.
In FY 2020, a total of 4,904 employees were surveyed, consisting of full-time employees, specified-task employees, part-time employees, and employees in our overseas affiliates. The response rate was 97.3% of all employees, and the percentage of positive responses (total level of satisfaction) was 92.7%.

The ES Committee, which consists of management-level employees, grasps the situation through each of the items in the survey (more than 100), and discusses how to make improvements. The survey results are then fed-back to all employees.

Employee Satisfaction Oriented Model

DISCO will continue to proactively invest in activities linked to the ease of work and well-being of its employees and create a positive cycle of employee satisfaction and increased business profits.
For the employee satisfaction-oriented model that DISCO implements, please refer to the essay written by the 'NACS East Japan Chapter Customer Satisfaction Study Group’.

The following is an excerpt from the essay.

While ‘employee satisfaction oriented (ESO) management’ begins with individuals selecting and engaging in the work that they want to do on their own volition, ‘profit oriented management’ begins with employees being given work as a member within the organization and working within their role and responsibilities because the goal is increasing the profits of the company. As a result, while ‘employee satisfaction oriented (ESO) management’ creates a cycle of satisfaction in self-fulfillment, an increase in motivation, and self-growth that leads to increased quality of work, ‘profit oriented management’ creates a cycle of acceptance with increasing the individual’s reputation within the organization, actions that result in a salary and other benefits, and a sense of duty to grow in order to contribute to the organization. While satisfaction can be temporarily achieved with these things, it eventually leads to a sense of exhaustion. This causes a large difference in employee satisfaction, particularly in job satisfaction.