Individual Managerial Accounting System (Will Accounting)

Will Accounting System

Will Accounting, a unique managerial accounting system, was implemented in 2003. With Department Will Accounting, prices are set for all items related to jobs (including income generated through internal jobs and expenditures such as labor and equipment costs) using a unit called “Will.” Each department utilizes this system to manage their own income and expenditures. In addition to the fixed and variable costs in the existing management accounting, we started to manage expenses in a new category called “voluntary expenses,” making the purpose and meaning of individual costs much clearer, and also making flexible financial management possible in response to market conditions. By targeting the entire company, including both direct and indirect departments, we have raised awareness towards profits throughout DISCO and strengthened our governance of expenses. In addition, from 2011, the managerial accounting system was expanded to individual employees as Personal Will. Using these systems, tasks are chosen and performed by means of the employees’ intentions, not through commands or orders, as all tasks that are offered by supervisors, coworkers, or members of other departments come with a designated Will price. The development of Personal Will improves job satisfaction and performance, accelerates the speed of decision making, and eventually leads to increased productivity. DISCO will continue enhancing organizational management by utilizing Will Accounting in the future.