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An ultra-compact (DWR series) deionized water recycling unit for use with dicing saws

Advantage 10: BCM
Advantage of using DWR: x10
10. BCM
In semiconductor and electronic component plants, BCM (Business Continuity Management), the system of countermeasures and preparations for disasters such as earthquakes, is very important for maintaining a stable supply of products. In the event of a disaster, prompt recovery is a necessity.
Earthquake Countermeasures
For large deionized water circulation plants, earthquake countermeasures are extensive due to the large, heavy equipment. In contrast, the DWR is small and does not have a large tank, so it can be easily secured to the floor using anchors (securing brackets).
Disaster Recovery
If a deionized water circulation plant is stopped due to a blackout or water outage caused by a disaster, repairs on broken supply and drainage pipes are necessary, and it may take a long time to restart the deionized water supply for the entire building, even after electricity and city water are recovered. If there is contamination in the piping during system suspension, identifying the source of the contamination is difficult. Supplying deionized water reliably is costly because chemicals are poured into the piping, and all of the deionized water affected by the chemicals is disposed of.
However, the DWR has a small footprint and few installation constraints. It can be relocated with dicing saws to a less-damaged building or plant, allowing prompt process recovery. If there is any contamination, it is possible to identify the equipment in which contamination occurred and recover the equipment by simply replacing the piping.
Following dicing saw recovery, resources can be used for other processes and contribute to resuming production for the entire plant.
Relocation to Avoid Risks
For disasters such as typhoons and floods in which countermeasures can be applied beforehand, it is possible to relocate the DWR to another building or to a higher floor where it is less likely to be damaged.
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