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An ultra-compact (DWR series) deionized water recycling unit for use with dicing saws

Advantage 6: Easy Maintenance
Advantage of using DWR: x10
6. Easy Maintenance
Because all equipment using deionized water is affected during maintenance, in the past, many factories using deionized water circulation plants had to had to plan maintenance for the entire factory and stop operations during the maintenance conducted by suppliers or special engineers. In contrast, DWR1722 enables maintenance just by stopping the one or two dicing saws connected to DWR1722 while other dicing saws continue production. It is an operation that does not require special knowledge, allowing for easy maintenance which can be performed by the operator of the dicing saw.

In deionized water circulation plants, the large ion-exchange resin tanks need to be exchanged every month. Moreover, once every five years, a number of filters in the filtration equipment and wastewater treatment films must also be exchanged, resulting in a total of 46 hours of maintenance every year. However, with DWR1722, maintenance is easy and only requires replacement of the built-in small ion-exchange resin, CC filter, and precision filter, which take 15 minutes each. Furthermore, maintenance for wastewater treatment is not required because no wastewater is generated.

Maintenance of DWR1722 is easier compared to deionized water circulation plants, and the down time for dicing saws can be shortened.

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