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An ultra-compact (DWR series) deionized water recycling unit for use with dicing saws

Advantage 4: Saves energy
Advantage of using DWR: x10
4. Saves Energy
One such new feature which saves energy is the water temperature control power consumption.

Ionized water is generally produced from city water or industrial water, and the temperature variability of the supplied water is large and changes with the season. For example, the tap water temperature in Tokyo is 26ºC in August and 7.5ºC in January, so the temperature difference is 19ºC. The recommended water temperature of cutting water for dicing is near the room temperature of the clean room, and therefore water temperature control is required.

In full-drainage deionized water plants, a large amount of water is added to the tank at one time, so a temperature control unit which has a chiller and heater to make the water temperature constant is needed, increasing the power consumption. Also, conventional circular deionized water plants are able to recycle 90% of the deionized water. Even though the additional supply water volume is less, the distance from deionized water plants to the dicing saw is far, so the water temperature may change while circulating depending on the environment in which it is installed.

The recycle rate of the DWR1722 is 99% and the additional supply water volume is much less. It has a compact foot-print and can be installed close to the dicing saw, making it possible to install the DWR1722 in the clean room. There are no large fluctuations in water temperature while circulating because the recycled deionized water circulation is performed close by in the same clean room. The water temperature is controlled by the temperature control unit in the DWR.
Full-Drainage Type Circular Type DWR1722
Recycling rate 90% 99%
supply water

When full-drainage type
is considered as 1
1 0.1 0.01

The DWR1722 is able to reduce the power consumption required for temperature control dramatically, and thus consumes 1/10 of the energy compared to a full-drainage type, and 1/6 compared to a circular type.

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