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Applications Example

The Applications of a TAIKO Wafer
The TAIKO process is a wafer backgrinding method developed by DISCO. This process method leaves a ring (approximately 3 mm) on the wafer outer edge and thin grinds only the inner area of the backside wafer. By leaving this edge ring, it is possible to reduce the risks of wafer breakage or edge chipping.

In this article, we will introduce the TAIKO wafer usable as a handling jig.

As Fig. 1 shows, when a small diameter wheel which is smaller than the normal TAIKO wheel grinds the wafer, a wide ring will be left on the TAIKO wafer. By using inner circumference of this wafer like a "Plate", even a 4-inch or 6-inch wafer can be handled as an 8-inch wafer.
So that all kinds of different diameter wafer could be handling without changing the handling parts.
Fig.1 A TAIKO wafer which is usable as a handling jig

Applications example
Fig. 2 shows an 8-inch TAIKO wafer processed with a small diameter wheel (about 76 mm diameter). This wafer has a ring area of about 25 mm in width and an inner circumference of about 150 mm in diameter. (This was processed using the DAG810 TAIKO Specification)
Fig.2 An actual TAIKO wafer

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