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Applications Example

Countermeasure for Preventing Particle Adhesion in Die LED Processing
One of the concerns when dicing die LED is the deterioration of brightness caused by adhesion of particles on the silicon resin section.
StayClean-A is very effective for preventing such particle adhesion.
Practical Example
Die LEDs have the following configurations.
Dome type
Aims at diffusing light
Usage: Lighting, etc.
Dome type
Flat type
Focuses on light extraction efficiency and stability
Usage: Backlight
Flat type
Use of StayClean-A in the die LED dicing enables preventing particle adhesion on the silicon resin section, thereby reducing the deterioration of the brightness.
Coolant used Before processing After processing
D.I. water Before processing After processing
D.I. water
Before processing After processing
Fig2. Silicon resin surface photographs (DISCO internal test results)

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Applications Example
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