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Product Information

Dry Polishing Wheels

Used with polishers to provide stress relief for silicon, compound semiconductors, and a wide variety of other materials. DISCO's dry polishing wheels provide excellent Migaku processing without chemicals, slurry, or water.

For Your Safety
Rotation Speed Limit

Series Application Feature
DP Series DP
Silicon wafers, etc. No chemicals, slurry, or water, employs a special non-diamond grit to impart a mirror finish to silicon and other semiconductor materials for excellent stress relief.
DP08 Series DP08
Silicon wafers, etc. Newly developed dry polishing wheels. In addition to usual wafer polishing, these can also be used in the DBG process.
GetteringDP Gettering
Silicon wafers, etc. Achieves high die strength while maintaining gettering performance in the dry polishing process.
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