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Product Information

Ultrasonic-wave Charging Unit DUS1010

The DUS1010 ultrasonic-wave charging unit charges abrasive grains into a lapping plate. The operating charging block, using ultrasonic-waves, makes it possible to charge small-diameter abrasive grains efficiently in a short time, which was previously impossible by the conventional weight system.
Charging small-diameter abrasive grains is difficult
Charging time is long
→Lapping machine’s down time is long, so the waste slurry amount is large
Charging of small-diameter abrasive grains is possible
Reduced charging time
→Improvement of lapping machine operating rate, reduction in slurry cost
Improved concentration of abrasive grains
→Longer life for the lapping plate
Comparison of Abrasive Grain Charging Conditions when Turning Ultrasonic-wave ON or OFF (abrasive grain size: 1.0 μm)
Cost Reduction Effect when Ultrasonic-wave Abrasive Grain Charging is Used

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