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December 3, 2014

Introducing the DWR1722, a DI water recycling unit*1 with high customizability, and StayClean-R, a cutting water additive*2 which can be used in conjunction with the DWR series

DISCO Corporation (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed the DWR1722. The DWR1722 is the newest addition to the DWR series of equipment, which offers 100% recycling of the DI water used by dicing saws. The basic specification of the DWR1722 has been simplified and various functions are available as options, so that the DWR1722 can be tailored to fit the specific equipment environments of our customers.

In addition, DISCO Corporation has developed StayClean-R, which is a cutting water additive that is added to the cutting water during dicing to prevent the corrosion of metallic films on bonding pads and other device features. Previous offerings in the StayClean series could not be used in conjunction with our DWR series products, but StayClean-R is compatible with the DWR series in order to achieve both DI water recycling and metal film corrosion resistance. Both products will be on display at SEMICON Japan 2014 (Dec. 3 to 5 at the Tokyo Big Sight).

Development background
  • DWR1722
    The existing DWR1721 is fitted with an abundance of useful functions, but many of these functions were unnecessary for customers who already possessed DI water production facilities. For the DWR1722, many of the sub-units, such as the RO unit, have been reclassified as options to improve the flexibility of the equipment functionality. Each of our customers can now choose only the functions which they need to optimize the equipment specification, and we can now offer our equipment at even more attractive price points.
  • StayClean-R
    For large wafers and wafers will small die sizes, the workpiece cut time is often very long. The longer cut time means that the exposure time of the workpiece to DI water (cutting water) is also very long. This may lead to corrosion of the metal films on bonding pads and other device features. To solve this issue, we added StayClean-F to our product lineup, but due to the specification of the additive, it could not be used together with our DWR series equipment. Our new additive, StayClean-R, has been developed by revamping the active components. StayClean-R retains the anti-corrosion abilities of StayClean-F but can also be used in conjunction with our DWR series equipment.
Product Characteristics
  • DWR1722
    - Realizes zero wastewater and greatly reduces the amount of city water consumption to help reduce the burden on the environment.
    - Simplification of the standard specification
◆Comparison of the existing and new models
Functions & specification DWR1722
(New product)
(Existing model)
DI water production, water temperature control, and filtration and disposal of suspended matter Standard Standard
RO film unit*3 Option
TOC meter
Wastewater pressure pump
Dicing saw communication function Option
*3: RO unit is required to produce DI water from city water
- Introduction of the DWR1722 can be tailored to suit the number of dicing saws owned by our customers. (1x DWR1722 supports up to 2x fully automatic dicing saws).
  • StayClean-R
  • - Reduction of corrosion for bonding pads and other device features to reduce the defect rate for wire bonding.
    - Compatible with DWR series equipment. New active components do not inhibit the ion exchange processes needed to produce DI water.
    - Low running cost, as the dilution ratio is adjusted to be between 1,000 to 5,000 times depending on the required level of quality and workpiece characteristics.
    - Low environmental impact, as the additive does not contain specified chemical substances and other environmentally harmful substances, such as environmental hormones.
  • DWR1722
    April 2015: Release
  • StayClean-R
    April 2015: Release
*1: DI water recycling equipment (DWR series)
The DWR series is a family of ultra small DI water recycling systems produced for dicing saws. The DWR series units combines DI water production, filtration, temperature control, wastewater disposal, and other functions that are typically handled by discrete facilities into a single unit. In contrast to existing large-sized and expensive DI water recycling systems, the DWR series offers low initial costs and low running costs. The DWR series contributes towards reducing the burden on the environment by realizing a 100% DI water recycle rate (zero wastewater from dicing saws) and greatly reducing water consumption.

*2: Cutting water additive (StayClean)
By adding StayClean to cutting water, a protection film can be formed on the workpiece surface, which weakens the contact between the DI water and the metal film to suppress corrosion. In this way, the defect rate for wire bonders can be reduced.
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