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July 24, 2014

DISCO Laser Saw Shipments Exceed 1000

DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) is pleased to announce that cumulative shipments for laser saws reached 1000 units in July 2014. In the last year, DISCO shipped more than 200 units and more than 50% of the total 1000 units have been shipped in the last three years.
Due to the increase in demand for semiconductors which is tightly associated with the expanding market for smartphones, mobile, and compact devices, shipments to major IDM and OSAT companies in Asian regions have expanded significantly, and our laser saws are seeing widespread adoption and utilization throughout the world.

1. Support for the demand for miniaturization and the increasing functionality of semiconductors
With the increasing functionality of semiconductors, circuit wiring widths continue to be miniaturized. To meet the requirements of miniaturization, a low-k film is used between the wiring layers in logic ICs, but processing this film has been challenging. As a result, our laser grooving equipment, which provides a solution to this problem, has seen increasing shipments.
In addition, we have been receiving an increased number of inquiries for our models with support for the SDBG process, which enables the processing of die to ultra-thin levels with high die strength for use in flash memory.
2. Improvement in our customer support system
We have been aiming to improve our field support, accelerate the speed of development, and enhance the quality of our after sales service through the establishment of a framework including more than 250 dedicated engineers in R&D and application and a global network of 59 affiliate offices in 16 countries.

As the demand for semiconductors is likely to grow, we are expecting the sales for our laser saws in 2014 to increase approximately 50% from the previous fiscal year. In response to further growth of demand for our laser saws, we have also been constructing a new building at the Kuwabata plant. (Estimated completion: January 2015)

Integrated Device Manufacturer is a vertically integrated device manufacturer which has facilities to design, manufacture, and sell integrated circuit products.
Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test. (sub-contactors for the back-end process)
※ Laser grooving
A processing method which forms a groove using an irradiating laser on the surface of a workpiece. For processing wafers with low-k films, grooving is used mainly to remove the low-k film present on streets, so they can be separated more easily during blade dicing.
※ SDBG process
Stealth Dicing Before Grinding process. This is a process which achieves separation after stealth dicing (a technique which forms a modified layer by focusing a laser beam inside the workpiece) using a backgrinding process.
(For grooving)
(For stealth dicing)
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