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Press Release

November 25, 2013

Introducing the DFL7361, Stealth Dicing Laser Saw,
for ø300 mm wafers with support for various processes

DISCO Corporation (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed the DFL7361, stealth dicing (SD)* laser saw. This unit will be on display at SEMICON Japan 2013 (Dec. 4 to 6 at Makuhari Messe).


* Stealth dicing:

Stealth dicing is a dicing technology that forms a modified layer at a selectable location by focusing a laser beam inside of a workpiece and applies external stress such as tape expansion, thereby growing the fissure inside the workpiece surface into singulated die. Highly accurate and stable processing has now been realized thanks to the collaboration between the dicing technology developed by DISCO and the SD engine developed by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. exclusively for DISCO.

Development Background
Various production processes are being considered for use in the manufacture of devices using a TSV (through silicon via) structure. However, these devices have large variations in requirements for wafer types and the connection direction* with grinders. Therefore, equipment capable of a flexible solution to these problems is in demand.
In addition, users, such as OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test), who process many different types of workpieces, have the need for a single laser saw that can handle multiple types of workpieces and processes.
In response to the demand for a solution to these production issues, DISCO has developed the DFL7361.

* When processing a thin wafer, by connecting the grinder and dicing saw (in-line system), the grinding/polishing process and dicing process can be performed together. The risk of workpiece breakage is minimized as the workpiece is transferred between the different units through the use of a robot.
Features of the DFL7361

DFL7361 (R&D machine)
Stealth dicing equipment for ø300 mm wafers
Support for various processes with a single flexible unit
By selecting the cassette to be used, it is possible to switch between frame transport and wafer transport easily (option).
Traditionally, separate units were necessary for frame transport and wafer transport. With the DFL7361, all components including transfer related components and processing related components, such as chuck tables, have been designed to support both transfer methods. This means the transfer method can be switched without the need for additional equipment or the replacement of components.
Note: Only wafer handling is supported for ø8-inch wafers.
Retrofitting standalone units to the in-line specification on-site is possible. The equipment is designed to flexibly cope with future changes to the manufacturing process.
Scheduled release date
April 2014
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