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December 5, 2012

Introducing the development of a deionized water recycling unit for dicing saws and a silicon sludge separation and deionized water recycling unit for grinders with a recycling rate of over 99%*1

DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed the DWR1730, a new high flow rate dicing saw cutting water recycling unit and the DWR1840, an integrated grinder silicon waste (silicon sludge) separator and deionized water recycling unit.
Both products will be on display at SEMICON Japan 2012 (December 5 to 7 at Makuhari Messe).

Special features of the DWR series
The DWR series produces and recycles deionized water which is crucial for the semiconductor manufacturing process (particularly dicing and grinding processes). Currently deionized water recycling systems tend to be large and extremely expensive. The DWR unit was developed to tackle these problems by providing a number of unique advantages including a high deionized water recycling rate and a greatly reduced footprint.
Advantages of the DWR series
  • Easy to maintain
    Maintenance is simple. Recovered floating waste (e.g. grinding and dicing silicon waste) can be discarded simply, together with the filter (CC filter). There is no need for complex processes to condense the waste or use solvents to aggregate the waste which to date was achieved using filtration.
  • All deionized water needs satisfied by one machine, from production to recycling.
    Currently, each deionized water process requires a separate unit. However the DWR series combines production, water temperature control, and dicing/grinding water filtration (removal of suspended matter) into one unit.
  • Effective incorporation
    The DWR series can match the number of dicers and grinders in your possession for effective (phased) incorporation
DWR1730 Development background
For applications such image sensors or devices requiring very fine wire connections, it has been necessary to increase the water flow to prevent particle adhesion. As a result, there is need for a deionized water recycling unit that can support ever higher flow rate demands. To meet this need, the DWR1730 was created. It is a deionized water recycling unit for dicing saws that can support flow rates which are much higher than existing units.
Special features
  • One unit can support 4 dual spindle dicers or 8 single spindle dicers. (This is an improvement from the 2 units and 4 units respectively)
  • 99.5% deionized water recycling rate (0.5% vaporization)*1. Makes zero wastewater a reality.
  • Small footprint. Approximately 1.6x smaller than existing units. (0.99 m²)
  • Zero down time when replacing principal consumable parts.
Development background
To meet the continued market demand for thinner and further miniaturized devices, semiconductor devices are becoming ever thinner. However, the thinner the device, the greater the amount of silicon that must be removed from the wafer through grinding, and the greater the amount of silicon that ends up as silicon sludge in grinding water.
Recycling grinding water requires not only the ability to recover the large amounts of silicon sludge present in the water, but also the ability to recycle deionized water. Until now, this was done by separate units for each function, which presents significant barriers in terms of space and cost.
To meet these requirements, DISCO has developed the DWR1840, a comprehensive grinding water recycling unit, which combines silicon sludge recovery and deionized water recycling into one compact unit.
Special features
    Recovered silicon sludge
    Recovered silicon
  • A single unit combines silicon sludge recovery with deionized water recycling
  • Unique solid-liquid phase separation technique creates silicon sludge with a purity of over 99%
  • Compatible with grinding water with a water content ratio under 50%. Collected silicon sludge can be recycled as a resource.
  • Identical to the DWR1730. Provides over 99% deionized water recycling rate. Makes zero wastewater a reality.
Future developments
Displayed at SEMICON Japan 2012 : December 2012
Scheduled release : Autumn 2013
Displayed at SEMICON Japan 2012 : December 2012
Prototype still under evaluation*2

*1When this press release was first issued (12/05/2012), the equipment performance was stated to be “99.8% deionized water recycling rate (0.2% vaporization).” Based on subsequent remeasurement, we are revising the performance to “99.5% deionized water recycling rate (0.5% vaporization).” (Revised on June 2, 2014.)

*2Sales were originally scheduled to commence in Fall 2013 at the time this release was published. However, the opening sales date is yet to be determined as the prototype is still under evaluation (as of August 11, 2015).

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