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November 15, 2011

Announcing the ultra high precision DFS8960 surface planer
which supports 300 mm wafers

DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed the DFS8960 Fully Automatic Surface Planer* which supports 300 mm wafers. The DFS8960 will be on display at the SEMICON Japan 2011 trade show to be held this December.
* The DFS8960 surface planer has been developed for high-precision planarization using a diamond bit of resins, metals (such as gold, copper and nickel) and composites of these materials.
Development background
TSV wafers are becoming more and more prominent for 3D packaging technologies used to achieve thinner and smaller semiconductor packages. In the case of TSV, bonding is performed by passing an electrode (via) through the wafer or die. Solutions are required to reduce the variation of the via height, which will improve the bonding.
Moreover, in the case of devices such as NAND flash memory, produced from ultra-thin wafers, the thickness of the front side protective tape compared to the wafer thickness is becoming larger. The miniscule variations in tape thickness, depending on properties of the tape adhesive and the pressure applied during tape application has a large impact on the final wafer thickness variation.
There is a demand for reducing the front side protective tape thickness variation.
The DFS8960 Fully Automatic Surface Planer, which supports 300 mm wafers, was developed to provide solutions to these needs.

TSV wafer planarization

TSV wafer planarization

Reduction of ultra-thin wafer thickness variation

  • All wafer handling is automatic, from loading a wafer, washing after processing and up through unloading it back into the cassette.
  • The DFN8960 is installed with two spindles, widening the range of applications (simultaneous processing with two spindles, or rough processing and finishing on separate spindles).

    Surface planer processing examples
  • LED color variation stabilization

    The degree of flatness of the florescent resin that surrounds the LED has an impact on the LED color variation. It is not possible to achieve a high level of flatness when applying the florescent resin using existing methods. The surface planer allows high precision planarization of this florescent resin, thus stabilizing and improving color irregularities.

  • Substituting part of the CMP process with surface planarization. When part of the CMP process is substituted with surface planarization, throughput can be increased while reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

    Surface Planer Lineup
    DFS8910 DAS8920 DAS8930
    Appearance DAS8920
    Overview Fully-automatic model for
    8-inch wafers
    Semi-automatic model for
    8-inch wafers
    Semi-automatic model for
    300 mm wafers

    Exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2011 December 2011
    Test cut acceptance start date Available upon request

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