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September 29, 2011

DISCO Corporation to boost worldwide sales of the CC Filter - a Filtration Unit for Dicing Saw Cutting Water

DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya) will boost worldwide sales of the CC Filter, which has received acclaim in the Japanese electronic components market.

Originally released in 2007, the CC Filter Unit was developed to meet the need for filtration and recycling of contaminated cutting water generated during the semiconductor fabrication dicing process.
Global demand for water recycling is growing in response to environmental measures, cost reduction and more stringent waste water treatment regulations. Moreover, especially in the Chinese market, rapid economic growth and business activities have led to a lack of industrial water supplies and an increasing requirement for water recirculation.
This situation has led to DISCO increasing worldwide distribution of the CC Filter Unit. (target units: 30/year)

CC Filter Unit
CC Filter Unit
(dual type)
CC Filter Unit: Overview and Features
The CC Filter Unit is used to filter contaminated cutting water generated in dicing saws.
The filtered cutting water can be reused, leading to reduced water usage.
The unit requires no capital investment and water filtration facilities can be efficiently set up when increasing the number of dicing saws.

Easy maintenance

CC Filter
CC Filter
  • DISCO's unique and expendable filter module can be replaced in one minute.
    (Existing DISCO cleaning units require cleaning of the precipitation tank where the cutting debris accumulates)

Full filter lineup

  • The CC Filter is available in three mesh sizes (for treatment of cutting debris 0.5-15μm in size) allowing the choice of the optimal filter to achieve the required water quality and cost performance.

Long-life filter

  • 20-30 times the lifespan of filters in existing DISCO cleaning units.
  • Infrequent replacement (1-2 times/month) minimizes equipment downtime*.
  • Retains up to 5 kg of cutting debris.(in the case of silicon)

Simple elimination of dicing particles

  • Cutting debris can be simply discarded along with the CC Filters.

Touch panel operation

  • The installed 3.1-inch touch panel allows for simple operation.
*Replacement frequency depends on usage conditions.
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