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November 24, 2010

DISCO's proprietary HogoMax003, a new water-soluble protective film

DISCO Corporation (headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya) has launched HogoMax003, a new water-soluble protective film, which prevents adhesion of laser processing dust on the wafer surface. This product will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2010 (from December 1 to 3, at Makuhari Messe).

About HogoMax
If laser processing dust (debris), such as oxides and metal molten material produced at the time of ablation* adheres onto the wafer surface, it cannot be removed by deionized water cleaning alone and causes problems, such as improper bonding. Once this water-soluble protective film, HogoMax, is applied in advance onto the processing surface, it prevents adhesion of debris generated during processing. Once the processing is over, HogoMax can be removed together with debris by deionized cleaning only.
* Ablation
A type of laser processing, which concentrates laser energy onto a small area for a short time, which sublimates or evaporates solids. It is used for cutting or grooving of silicon wafers.

Comparison of Processes with and without HogoMax Coating

Features of HogoMax003
The newly developed HogoMax003 has the following two improved functions.

Improved coating ability on uneven workpieces, such as wafers with bumps

  • When a protective film is applied onto a wafer with bumps, the coating between bumps becomes thinner due to surface tension causing an issue with thermal adhesion during processing. This problem can be solved by HogoMax003, which has improved coating ability – solving uneven coating problem, so that even if the coating is thin, HogoMax can demonstrate a high level of wafer protection function.

Easier removal of the protective film after processing

  • Thanks to much easier cleaning of the protective film after processing, compared with conventional films, HogoMax can greatly reduce residues, such as debris.

Comparison of Thermal Adhesion between Conventional and HogoMax003

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