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November 22, 2010

Introducing the DWR1721 Deionized Water Recycling Unit with drain water pumping and communication functions with the dicing saw

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has announced the release of the DWR1721, featuring increased efficiency and increased freedom in location compared to its predecessor, the ultra-compact DWR1720 Deionized Water Recycling Unit.
The DWR1721 will be on display at the SEMICON Japan 2010 trade show to be held this December.

Development Background and Features
The DWR1720 was announced in 2008 and provides a solution for recycling and production of deionized water used during the semiconductor fabrication dicing process.
Today DISCO is announcing the DWR1721, allowing drain water pumping and communication functions with the dicing saw.
When combined with the recently announced DWR1721 CO2 injector for the DWR1721 (option), it allows even more freedom in location.

Overview of DWR Series
The DWR series integrates filtration, liquid waste treatment, deionized water production and water temperature control of waste water from the dicing process into one device, as well as eliminating wastewater from the dicing process (99.5% recycling rate, 0.5% lost due to vaporization*).
One DWR unit is compatible with up to 2 dual dicing saws or 4 single dicing saws.
The DWR1721
- Freedom in location
Enhanced freedom in location with the following two functions:

<Drain water pumping>

When using the reverse osmosis filter, a small amount of drain water is produced from the city water used when producing deionized water in the DWR1721. The DWR1721 is installed with a pressurized pump for this drain water, enabling use even when the equipment is located far from a drain.

<Compact tank for pumping of waste cutting water (option)>

A compact tank is available as an optional accessory to pump waste cutting water from the dicing saw to the DWR1721.
Conventionally, as waste cutting water was transferred by inclining the pipes between the dicing saw and DWR, the location and distance of the DWR and dicing saw was limited. This compact tank, however, removes this restriction.

- Increased efficiency

<Communication functions with the dicing saw>

  • Allows linked operations by sharing status information between the DWR1721 and the dicing saw.

  • Allows automatic control of deionized water to the dicing saw, reducing operational maintenance and improving efficiency.

CO2 Injector for the DWR1721 (option)
  • The CO2 injector dissolves CO2 in the deionized water used for cutting during the dicing process, increasing conductivity, and reducing static charge and electrostatic damage and adhesion of particles during processing of the workpiece.

  • The CO2 injector for the DWR1721 is installed with a CO2 gas cylinder, allowing a supply of CO2 gas regardless of installation and facilities. This allows increased freedom when installing the DWR1721 and Dicing Saw (the existing model requires a facility with a CO2 supply).

  • Integrated communication functions allow operation of the CO2 injector using the DWR1721.

  • With a flow volume of 30 L/min, cutting water for two fully automatic dicing saws can be treated using just one DWR1721 unit. (existing dicing saw model: Max. 15 L/min)

Reference: Flow diagram


Unveiling at SEMICON Japan 2010


December 2010



First half of FY2011

*When this press release was first issued (11/22/2010), the equipment performance was stated to be “99.8% recycling rate, 0.2% lost due to vaporization” Based on subsequent remeasurement, we are revising the performance to “99.5% recycling rate, 0.5% lost due to vaporization” (Revised on June 2, 2014.)

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