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March 23, 2010

DISCO lifts its pandemic alert for new type influenza

DISCO Corporation established the Pandemic Countermeasures Headquarters in May 2009 as a measure to prevent the spread of any new type influenza and took various actions to minimize the impact upon the business and all stakeholders.
Judging from the current situation with the completion of in-house vaccination and reduction in the number of people infected by the influenza, DISCO has decided to lower the risk level* from "Low" to "Normal," dissolve the Pandemic Countermeasures Headquarters as of the end of February 2010, and stop taking measures to prevent spread of infection.


Risk level: Levels independently set by DISCO to define actions to be taken depending on the occurrence situation of the new type influenza (five levels of No Risk, Normal, Low, Mid, and Hi in the order of low alert level). Details are explained at https://www.disco.co.jp/eg/activity/emergency/pandemic/index.html.

Major actions canceled

Stakeholder-involved actions

• Request for visitors (customers, suppliers) to cooperate in wearing a mask upon entering a company building

Employees' actions

• Obligation to constantly wear a mask in any crowded places such as public transpiration

Future actions to take

Cleansing of hands and fingers upon entering a company building, carrying a mask, and checking body temperature will be continued as daily health management measures for the employees.

At the Hiroshima Works, DISCO’s manufacturing site, the production schedule is very tight at this stage, so the current measures will be maintained until the end of March in order to minimize the infection risk.

Possible actions to be taken to prevent future infectious diseases
When being certified for BS25999-2: 2007, the standard to ensure business continuity management (BCM), DISCO included pandemic of infectious diseases as one of the risks for the authentication and established the management system based on that. Even if any risk related to such diseases increases in the future, DISCO ensures its business continuity while taking adequate actions immediately based on the certified management system.
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