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This event is now over.
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit the DISCO booth.
What's New
Exhibition Information
  • Thinned wafers and thinning wheels exhibit
  • DBG & SDBG process
  • Package grinding
  • Sapphire substrate dicing / thinning
  • Processing for various LED materials including GaN and GaP
  • Dicing and thinning of SiC wafers
  • TAIKO process
  • Planarization of the backgrinding tape surface
  • Planarization of fluorescent LED resin
  • Bump planarization
  • Stealth dicing
  • Ablation process
  • Processing of non-silicon materials including sapphire, glass, and GaN
  • Ultrasonic-wave dicing
  • Introduction of ultrasonic-wave charging unit
  • Dicing saw lineup
  • Dicing blade lineup
  • Feel free to ask us about our dicing and grinding service.
Note: Please note that the exhibits may change without notice.
SEMICON Japan 2013


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