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May 17, 2011

Pre-shipment virus scan for Windows-based DISCO equipment

DISCO Corporation will perform virus scans on all Microsoft Windows-based precision processing equipment immediately prior to shipment utilizing an up-to-date virus pattern file.

Windows-based DISCO precision processing equipment are equipped with a USB port, allowing users to check log data and the operational status of the equipment. In some circumstances, the PC system used by the equipment can become infected by USB memory devices containing a virus, which may lead to equipment software malfunctions. In light of this, DISCO equipment are installed with Kaspersky Lab security software, allowing users to perform virus scans after shipment.
Only secure USB memory devices are used for pre-shipment verification during the manufacturing process. However, in order to prepare for unforeseen virus infections, DISCO has decided to perform pre-shipment virus scans on all DISCO equipment using Kaspersky Labs security software.
We hope that this added security will allow our customers to use DISCO equipment will peace of mind.
Relevant equipment
Virus scans will be performed on the majority of DISCO precision processing equipment, including our 3000 and 6000-series dicing saws, 7000-series laser saws, 8000-series grinders and tape mounters.
Start date
Virus scans will be performed on all equipment subject to scanning from May 2011.
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October 28, 2008 DISCO to Use Kaspersky Labs Japan Products as Built-in Security Solutions in its Precision Processing Equipment for First Time
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