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March 15, 2011 17:00

Japan Earthquake (Update)

This is an update regarding the effects of the Japan earthquake.

Operations at the Hiroshima Works (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture) [900 km from the epicenter: unaffected]
■Kure Plant (precision processing blades and wheels)
– normal operation for manufacturing and shipment
■Kuwabata Plant (precision processing equipment)
– normal operation for manufacturing and shipment
■Nagatani Plant (precision processing parts)
– normal operation for manufacturing and shipment

Manufacturing of precision processing blades and wheels
A 6-month supply of raw materials is in stock as part of our BCM (business continuity management) measures. We have also confirmed that all our suppliers are also operating as normal. Please be reassured that we are able to meet demand for continuous supplies of blades and wheels.

There have been delays/cancellations (shipment on a specified date is unavailable) for shipments to some areas of Northern Japan.
As we are using airports and delivery companies that are unaffected by the earthquake, we are able to proceed with shipments as normal.

Operations at the Head Office R&D Center (Ota-ku, Tokyo) [300 km from the epicenter, seismic intensity level 5)
Although the aftermath of the earthquake has had an impact on parts of the Tokyo public transport network, 80% of employees are able to come to work. Measures have been taken, such as telecommuting, and although this may cause inconvenience, there will be no major disruption to operations. We will continue to update the DISCO website with the latest information.

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