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Laser Dicing Solutions


DISCO’s laser process provides various advantages, including the "reduction of CoO (Cost of Ownership)" realized by optimizing the selection of the laser head, our unique optical system and "high quality processing".

Reduction of CoO
High productivity
  • The combination of an optimal laser head and optical system increases the processing speed and shortens the process time.
  • Laser is an especially effective method for processing of wafers thinner than 150 µm.

Improvement of processing quality
  • Conventionally the feed speed when processing compound semiconductors needs to be slow due to frequent chipping and cracking. However, a laser can process these semiconductors at high feed speed without deteriorating the quality.
Glass Glass+Si
t700um (x30)
t500+100um (x50)
GaAs GaAs
GaAs t100um

Realizes small die and narrow streets
  • Substantial street reduction increases the number of die that can be separated per wafer.
  • Stealth dicing (SD) enables narrowing the kerf width to close to 0.

High quality processing
Damageless non-contact processing
  • Since the laser uses a non-contact process having less impact or load, it is possible to reduce chipping, increase die strength and feed speed, and improve yield.
  • Especially effective for thin wafers whose thickness is below 50 µm.
Silicon (50µmt)

Prevention of film peeling and burring
  • Low-k film used in state-of-the-art memories and devices such as CPU and LSI that are easy to peel, and DAF (Die Attach Film) or metal film are ductile so that burring is easy to occur. The laser can realize high quality processing of even these materials.
Low-k (Grooving)
Low-k (Grooving)
Silicon 70µm+DAF20µm

Dry process and no contamination
  • Since the laser does not use water, it can be applied to workpieces with which using water is not allowed, such as MEMS in which the mechanical structure or electronics circuit is incorporated.
  • Stealth dicing modifies the inside of the workpiece, so that dust generated during the process can be reduced, so that it is optimal for workpieces such as image sensors which requires extra care for contamination.

Circuit surface not affected by heat
  • Use of a short-pulse laser enables processing with less thermal impact or cracking.
Long-pulse laser Short-pulse laser
Laser Dicing Solutions

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